Training in Gestalt Theatre 2022/23

The training 2022/23 has already started and the training group is full.

We expect the next training to start in 2024. If you would like to receive information about the next training, fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We are happy to invite you for the first systematic training in Gestalt Theatre that will be held in 2022 & 2023 in Spain.
The course will provide training and skills in designing, facilitating and debriefing therapeutical and personal development processes and promoting mental health through the experiential methodology of Gestalt Theatre.
It is a two year programme held in an international group of professionals.


The post-graduate training is open for 24 people in two groups based on the participants' professional backgrounds. The groups will share the self-experiential part of the training together while the methodology and practical part will be tailored towards their professional profilation.

Gestalt Theatre in Therapy
Group for therapists

The group is open for psychotherapists and trainees in psychotherapy according to EAP standards; artetherapists and dramatherapists (or trainees) with professional education recognized by their national or international professional organizations. 

The training program is grounded in the theory of the Gestalt therapy approach and focuses on training and enhancing participants' skills in integrating dramatherapeutical and theatrical tools into their therapeutical work with groups and individuals. We will explore potentialities of drama and theatrical tools within Gestalt therapeutic framework.

Gestalt Theatre in Education
Group for educators, youth and social workers, trainers

The group is open to professionals who work in educational contexts, facilitate programs on personal development, emotional intelligence and awareness, communication skills, conflicts etc. and would like to enrich their work with solid background in Gestalt approach supported by application of dramatical and theatrical techniques and tools. 

Practical information:

Training dates, hours and content:

The training is a two-years programme. To complete the training, it is necessary to participate in both training sessions.

1st Year - 2022
2nd September - 18th September | 110 training hours
Divided in two working weeks with free weekend in the middle for integration.
Week 1 - self-experiential work in Gestalt Theatre
Week 2 - self-experiential work combined with basics of methodology

Between the training sessions
40 hours - reading and studying relevant literature 
20 hours - designing own Gestalt Theatre work

2nd Year - 2023
5th September - 17th September | 80 training hours
10 working days divided into:

self-experiential part with background in methodology
practical part - participants facilitating their own work on Gestalt Theatre

Venue: Calarreona | Spain

Dream location for a training offering sandy beaches and calmness of the waves.

For detailed information on accommodation see below.

Training costs:

Year 1
1380 EUR - for applications before 31st August 2021 (early bird price)
1530 EUR - for applications after 1st September 2021
Includes: training costs, training materials, accommodation in Hostel Calarreona, and full board (does not include food for the free weekend).

Year 2 - 1350 EUR
Includes: training costs, training materials, accommodation in Hostel Calarreona, food - full board.


The story behind this training:

Diego and Tomáš met for the first time at international training in Ireland 2016 facilitated by Diego through the methods of Gestalt Theatre. At this time Diego was already facilitating groups on Gestalt Theatre in Spain, Tomáš was working at university in Brno merging Gestalt approach with drama techniques, cooperating closely with Veronika. In the meantime Veronika and Tomáš founded therapeutical centre Zázemí. The workshop in Ireland has been an impulse for co-operation and to start Gestalt Theatre Therapy trainings in Czech Republic since 2017. Since then the three of us spend hours on sharing experiences and knowledge, visiting each other and working together, which brought us to the idea to offer more systematic training in Gestalt Theater. 

Diego Miguel Marín Romera

Background in Psychotherapy:

Diego is  a practisting Gestalt psychotherapist working with individual clients and also with groups on Gestalt Theatre in several Spanish cities. Diego already facilitated workshops for therapists, educators and youth workers on Gestalt Theatre in several European countries. He has complex training in Gestalt Therapy, long term training on Gestalt Theatre Therapy and made several SAT modules on Enneagram of Claudio Naranjo.

Background in Education:

Diego specialises in experiential learning and non formal education. For more than 15 years he has been working with groups of various kinds: youth and social workers, teachers, trainers, groups of adolescents, prisoners, etc. He is a member of the Pool of trainers of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe, Spanish National Agency for Youth and the SALTO trainers Pool.

Background in Theatre:

Diego got his background in social theatre in Spain, with the help of Yoshi Oida (actor and companion of Peter Brook ("The essence of the actor"), David Martinez (Theatre of the Oppressed), Anton Valen (The Way of the Clown) and Allan Owens (Pretext Drama). 

Tomáš Andrášik

Background in Psychotherapy:

Tomáš is a psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals and groups. He runs groups on Gestalt Theatre in Czech Republic (Prague & Brno) for the public and for students at Masaryk University. He has been trained in integrative Gestalt psychotherapy and is currently undergoing advanced international training in Gestalt therapy at Instituto di Gestalt H.C.C. Italy.  

Background in Education:

Tomáš received a Masters Degree in Education at Masaryk University. After six years of teaching at a high school he became a lecturer and research assistant at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University. He focuses on self-experiential personal development courses and applied drama. For more than five years he has been combining principles of Gestalt approach, applied drama and improvisation in his courses which led him to Gestalt Theatre.

Background in Theatre:

For more than ten years Tomáš has been part of semi-professional improv theatre groups both as an actor and trainer. In these years, he went through many international workshops on theatrical and applied improvisation. During his studies, he also received training in Playback Theatre and Process Drama. 

Veronika Nýdrlová

Background in Psychotherapy:

Veronika is a psychotherapist in a therapeutical community. She also has private practice where she works with individuals, couples and families. Together with Tomáš they facilitate groups on Gestalt Theatre in Brno, Czech Republic. She went through a complex integrative psychotherapeutical training and is currently undergoing training in family therapy and psychosomatic disorders. 

Background in Education:

Veronika has a Masters degree in Social Education with specialization in drama pedagogy and Ph. D. in Education focusing on Playback Theatre. She works as a trainer at Faculty of Education, Masaryk University, where she teaches applied drama, personal development courses and experiential learning. 

Background in Theatre:

In 2010 Veronika became the first pioneer of Playback Theatre in Czech Republic.  Since then, she has gone through several international trainings and has been teaching and performing Playback theatre. At the university she took part in number of projects using Theatre of the Oppressed, perfoming and jokering also in international festival of TO in Pula (HR).

Venue: Hostel of Calarreona

The youth hostel of Calarreona, is located in the south east of Spain, in the Region of Murcia. It has 2 big plenary rooms, a dining room and two spaces for socializing and chilling out. It is right by the Mediterranean Sea which will be very welcoming in this time of the training sessions. The hostel is in picturesque area full of nature and beautiful beaches in walking distance. 

The environment of the hostel offers space for focused work as well as calmness and relaxed atmosphere of the seaside in periods of free time to integrate the experience from the training.

Accommodation during the training:
Rooms with four single beds - 3 people in each room

Training coordinator

Veronika Šromová

Veronika is the head of our training office responsible for communication with participants and the training organization. May you have any questions regarding the training feel free to contact her.
via form bellow

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