Association for Gestalt Theatre

Mission statement:

We are organization connecting professionals who use theatrical tools to facilitate deep level of personal development and psychotherapy while relying on principles and teachings of Gestalt and Integrative psychotherapeutical approaches.

We provide long term trainings to professionals in the field, organize and provide information about workshops and long term therapeutic and personal development groups around Europe.

We would like to offer space for exchange of ideas about good practice in the field, opportunities for network building among professional who share passion and trust in symbiosis of theatre and psychotherapy.

Get in touch:

Please feel free to contact us if:

  • You are a therapist and would like to explore more use of theatre and drama in therapy
  • Proffesional working in the field, interested in sharing good practice and exploring how can theatrical methods contribute to therapy.
  • Educator wishing for deep insight into using theatrical methods to facilitate deep level of personal development
  • Would like to organize a workshop on Gestalt Theatre in Therapy in your country, city.
  • For any other reason you wish to.

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